Starring: Michèle Wienecke, Kathryn Kozody, Amber Bissonnette, Robert Larrabee, Kirsten Garcia, Jerod Blake, Brandon Jason Miller, Susan Rowland, Ivy Miller

Valerie is an independently-produced feature film shot in and around the Calgary area, featuring a cast of local talent. With the generous support of hundreds of volunteer hours from our amazing cast and crew, we pushed our shoestring budget to the absolute limit to create an action-packed, drama. The plot and characters of Valerie were inspired by the Wagner opera “The Valkyrie” but transported into a modern-day setting.

Valerie (Michèle Wienecke) is a member of the all-female motorcycle gang “The Fallen Maidens”. After Linda (Kathryn Kozody) goes missing, her father, mob boss Victor (Robert Larrabee) tasks Valerie with Linda’s safe return. When Valerie does find Linda, she refuses to come back until her ex-boyfriend Monte (Brandon Jason Miller) finds justice for his troubled past.